Welcome back to another school year in the Ridgedale Local School District, it is my hope that you all had an enjoyable and relaxing summer! As we prepare for another year, we are currently awaiting word from the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) on how our students fared on the new AIR assessments and end of course exams for 2018. The district underwent a curriculum audit during the spring of 2018 and we have identified several areas of needed growth for our teaching staff in lesson delivery and learning outcomes for our students. As we move forward into another year of adjustment and change in how we evaluate our student learning, we will continue to use the Ohio Improvement Plan and the Ohio Teacher Evaluation System to improve the educational opportunities for all students in the Ridgedale school district. The Ridgedale Board of education has approved the district professional development plan has been approved and our schedule will be very similar to last year. Beginning on August 27, 2018 all schools in the Ridgedale District will be on a one-hour delay for teacher training and professional development and we will continue this schedule for every Monday throughout the entire school year. In addition, we will be holding three (3) all day professional development days; these dates are 9/10/18, 11/05/18, and 03/18/19. By scheduling these days this will enable us to save district funds by providing professional development, at the local level for our teachers, while using our testing data to continue to improve student achievement. Each building leadership is finalizing their plan for professional development throughout the year which includes, but is not limited to, grade level meetings, content area meetings, building wide meetings and district wide meetings. By doing this, the faculty is gaining a better understanding of curriculum alignment K – 12, as opposed to just focusing on their individual classrooms. On the business side of the district, the Ridgedale Local Board of Education, Treasurer and Administration have continued to be fiscally responsible and have realized a carry-over in the general fund balance for Fiscal Year 2019. This is the 9 th year in a row that the district has had a general fund carry over. With this carry over in revenue, we still do not charge a participation fee for our extra-curricular activities. We have been very busy this summer making needed repairs and general maintenance the facilities. The most notable improvement is the completion of the modular classroom residing at the North end of the campus and the purchase of two new buses. We continue to work with OHM Advisors to help us to help us prioritize our capital improvement plan for the next several years, which helps in the budgeting for major facility maintenance and repair issues. As we continue to “live” within our means, all of the repairs and improvements were paid for, with FY 18 carry over money. I am very excited to hear the hallways full of the laughter of children and the hustle and bustle of daily school life. As always we encourage you to visit us here at Ridgedale, however we do ask that you please call ahead of your visit to schedule an appointment, so that we may properly accommodate your visit. If this is not possible, please report to the respective building office, we ask this so that we may provide the safest possible environment for our students. If you should have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me at the Ridgedale Board Office, 740-382-6065 ext 101 or by email at rbritton@ridgedaleschools.org and we can set up a time to meet.


Robert A. Britton, Superintendent

Ridgedale Local Schools