Ridgedale Elementary School

3105 Hillman Ford Road
Morral, Ohio 43337
Phone: 740-383-2020
Fax: 740-383-6538

Principals Message:

Welcome to Ridgedale Elementary School!
Ridgedale Elementary will provide an exciting, engaging and differentiated education to all our students. We teach our students the 4B's (Be Safe, Be Honest, Be Responsible & Be Respectful) and how the 4B's will benefit our students their entire life. We work hard to provide our students with a safe atmosphere where they can feel comfortable while they learn. We are fortunate to have a great staff, supportive PTO and a caring community. We will continue to work together to provide the best education for our students. Please browse our staff's webpages for any assistance and information regarding their classrooms. Feel welcome to contact us with any questions or concerns that you may have.
We can be reached at 740-383-2020;
Mrs. Anderson - Secretary - Ext.109
Mrs. Kline - Counselor - Ext. 108
Ms. Parthemore - Principal - Ext. 111

Thank you for visiting our website and GO ROCKETS!!

Jessica Parthemore
K-5 Principal