Skills Contest and Tournament Champs at Marion Harding Vex Robotics Competition

Congratulations on winning the skills competition and tournament at the Marion Harding High School Vex Robotics Competition.

Ridgedale team 6302Y set a new record in the State of Ohio for high score in a single competition in 2017-18 two times last friday. The second high score of 159 points was the 2nd highest score earned in a single competition in the world in 2017-18 Vex 'In the Zone" competitions. There are 19,000 vexx teams worldwide. Team members include Jaylin Tyler, Madison Britton and Mitchill Reasoner

2 Ridgedale teams are going to the Ohio State Championship tourney in March. State Champs will be held at East High School in Columbus. 6302Y is going. 

Ridgedale team 6302V is going to the Ohio State Championships also. 6302V were Tournament Champions at RAMTEC on January 11th. 6302V includes Caitlyn Long, Damian Murrell, Riley Brown and Chris Pinnick.

Team 6302Y

Team 6302V