Mrs. Campbell
4th grade Science and Social Studies


Hello! I am excited to be teaching your 4th grader all about Social Studies and Science this year.  Social studies makes up about 75% of the year, while science makes up about 25%.  I am a Ridgedale graduate and I am excited to be back and teaching in my community!

The fourth-grade year focuses on the early development of Ohio and the United States. Students learn about the history, geography, government and economy of their state and nation. Foundations of U.S. history are laid as students study prehistoric Ohio cultures, early American life, the U.S. Constitution, and the development and growth of Ohio and the United States. Students begin to understand how ideas and events from the past have shaped Ohio and the United States today.

During the 4th grade year science will include science inquiry and application, life science, physical science, and earth and space science.  Within these different themes we will be focusing on lab procedures/equipment, computer technology, ecosystems, fossils, matter, energy, and earth’s systems.  Students will use higher level thinking skills to complete labs, problem solve, and participate in discussion.