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My name is Megan Galyk and I am a graduate from THE Ohio State University. This year will begin my first year teaching at Ridgedale Elementary. I will be teaching writing for this year's third grade class. I will also be teaching reading and language to my homeroom. I am very excited to begin my teaching career at my Alma Mater. I am looking forward to learning alongside my students and working with them this year!

Communication between the teacher and parent/guardian is very important to me. I will use a folder each day to send notes back and forth. All money, offices notes, and dismissal notes should be put in the folder. 
I will send finished work, homework, office correspondence, and our classroom newsletter (weekly) home in the folder as well. It is important that you check your child's folder each night and send it back each morning. 
Students will also be bringing home an assignment book. I'd like to ask that you initial the designated box nightly. 

Reading/Language Arts
Students will bee meeting in small guided reading groups daily. In these groups, we will be working on furthering reading skills that the students will need to become successful readers. Students will be reading books with other peers and adults that are at their guided reading level. The Leveled Literacy Program will also be used for struggling students who are reading under grade-level. Students will have leveled readers through Reading A-Z. They will also be participating in our school-wide online reading/language curriculum that is differentiated for their level, Lexia Core 5.
Students will be going through reading and language rotations. We will base spelling words/lists off the spelling patterns we are working on for the week. Students will also be having weekly vocabulary tests on important words that could be present on the third grade reading test. It is important for your child to no only practice spelling words, but also vocabulary words nightly. 

If you need to contact me at anytime, you may do so the following ways. I will return your call/email as soon as possible.
(740) 382-2020 ext. 202