My Style

Learning happens from experiences. 
Comprehension, or understanding, is relating the world to the knowledge and expectations we already have. Students need to interact with others and compare their prior knowledge with new information to gain a better understanding. Every student brings a total of their past experiences to their future understandings. The process is like building blocks. A student brings his or her current knowledge forward to understand something new, the first building block. He or she will compare the new information with what their current understanding is. This gets added onto the first building block, and they both get brought forward when dealing with something new. The tower of blocks, or knowledge, on a subject continues to grow and build.


When you are faced with a question in the real world, you are free to interact with others and gain information from as many sources as you can. This allows you to understand and comprehend. I want my students to understandcomprehend, and become future productive citizens, so I will allow them to use their resources and interact with others to create these meaningful experiences. Creating these experiences adds blocks to a subject's tower, and deepens students' understanding on the subject or topic.